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Urgent Assistance For The Andjelic Family

The current condition of wounded Marinko Andjelic is currently improving,
but significant financial resources will be needed for further medical
assistance and rehabilitation. Msr. Anto Ledic as the local priest has
launched an appeal to benefit Marinko Andjelic as well as the whole family
affected by the tragic events in Kostajnica (Konjic) on Christmas Eve. For
donations in convertible marks (KM) an account has been opened with the
Gospodarska Banka Sarajevo ( ), in the name of Marinko
Andjelic with the account number 170-110-10000000 18871. For foreign
currency donations - Gospodarska Banka Sarajevo, SWIFT: GBSABA22. For
donations in Euros, use Deutsche Bank AG, for USD donations Bank of America,
for Canadian dollars Canadian Imperial Bank and the Croatian Credit Union
Toronto, National Australia Bank for AUD and Zagrebacka Banka d.d. for


Croatian Outreach from Bosnia & Herzegovina

On the 31st of January 2002, in the village of Lug, near Kiseljak, there was a great tragedy with 5 children as victims from an unexploded mine left over from the war. One child died, two suffered injuries, whilst the other two are still in a critical condition. One of the children is a 14 year old called Robert Kajusic, the son of a killed Croatian defender August Kajusic. Robert lost both eyes and a hand, suffering heavy facial injuries and the amputation of his right hand, and is at the moment in the Clinical Hospital Centre "Kosevo", in Sarajevo, where he is in intensive care. Because of the nature of the injuries he suffered, he is still in a critical condition. The family Kujusic was expelled in November of 1993 from Vares and ended up in Kiseljak, where Mrs. Bernarda Kajusic began building a family home in the suburb of Brestovsko, which still isn't completed. Having in mind all the tragedies that have beset the family Kajusic, the Union of the Families of the Killed and Missing Croatian defenders of County Zenica-Doboj, has opened up an account in the Kiseljak branch of the Zagrebacka Bank, into which you can donate funds for the family of Robert Kajusic. The account number is 33 83 40 11 00 05 23 61, under the name of Bernarda Kajusic (Robert's mother). You can receive more information via telephone (Zagrebacka Banka Kiseljak) + 387 030 870 818.

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