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Myth about the bogus war and the Karadjordjevo partition deal

During the meeting in the Karadjordjevo estate (Serbian province Vojvodina), March 30th 1991., Croatian president Tudjman and Serbian president Milosevic struck a deal whereby they agreed about the respective influence spheres and the partition of Bosnia and Herzegovina, completely ignoring even mere existence of Bosnian Muslims. Thus, the "alliance made in Hell" came into being, Serbs and Croats united trying to annihilate Bosnia's statehood and laying the ground for joint military aggression and ethnic cleansing to come.
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Myth about the crown witness and the central evidence

Tudjman himself gave away (in a bibulous mood) his expansionist/annexationist master-plan with regard to Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Guildhall banquet, 6th May 1995, when British liberal-social democratic politician Paddy Ashdown succeeded in talking him into an astonishing act of self-disclosure: he (Tudjman) has drawn possible future boundaries on a napkin Ashdown cautiously preserved (presumed similarity with Monica Lewinsky's sperm-soaked blouse is purely coincidental), in order to expose Tudjman's partitionist appetites.
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Myth about the provincial imperialist predator

Tudjman's permanent political orientation has remained an almost Anschluss-like drive for annexation of the Croatian majority areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was his central geopolitical strategy and obsessive expansionist ambition. Tudjman himself has openly disclosed (or "blurted out") his sinister expansionist obsession in numerous historical books and essays, interviews and academic ruminations: he publicly questions and, more, expressly announces his disbelief with regard to feasibility and long-term stability of multicivilization states (not multiethnic- see the discourse below).
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