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Mario Grčević: Some remarks on recent lexical changes in the Croatian language, 106 Kb

An analysis of misinformation on Croatian language planning policy in the 1990s. The author's numerous other texts & articles, mostly in Croatian and German, can be found at
Read more » | 16.12.2009. | Viewed 7406 time(s)

Branko Franolić: The Croatian Language Today, 110 Kb

The distinguished professor's lecture on the Croatian language, its central traits and basic differences from similar South Slavic languages, held at the Cambridge University
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 4936 time(s)

Folia Croatica-Canadiana, 3.5 Mb

A comprehensive survey of the Croatian language history, written by pre-eminent Croatian linguists and historians
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 3147 time(s)

Ćiro Raič & Hercegovina, 792 Kb

A photo monograph of Herzegovina, from prehistory to the Ottoman era. Originally at Croatian Information Centre
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 3832 time(s)

Davor Marijan: The War in Bosnia and Herzegovina Or the Unacceptable Lightness of “Historicism”, 163 Kb

From the abstract: The author in this study does not intend to provide a comprehensive account of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in part because the current level of research does not enable this. The only way to understand this conflict is through facts, not prejudices. However, such prejudices are particularly acute amongst Muslim-Bosniac authors. They base their claims on the notion that Serbs and Croats are the destroyers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that both are equally culpable in its destruction. Relying on mainly unpublished and uncited documents from the three constitutive nations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the author factually challenges basic and generally accepted claims.
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 7425 time(s)

A. Mijatović and I. Bekavac: THE CROATS: fourteen centuries of perseverance, 3.35 Mb

An excellent overview of the Croatian history from the 7th to the end of the 20th century, with special emphasis on the Bosnia & Herzegovina ethnic/national conflict in the last decade of the 2nd millennium and the first one in the 3rd. Packed with maps, tableaux and illustrations; originally at the Croatian National Congress site,
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 4232 time(s)

Alija Izetbegović: The Islamic Declaration, 6.39 Mb

Bosnian Muslims leader's political credo. Also available at English section of
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 6015 time(s)

James J. Sadkovich : Franjo Tuđman and the Muslim -Croat War of 1993* , 325 Kb

A historian from Leiden, the Netherlands, analysis of numerous fallacies & misinformation surrounding Muslim-Croat war 1993.-1994. in Bosnia & Herzegovina. From Review of Croatian History,; some other author's studies can be found at
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 4493 time(s)

Ksenija Turković: Historians in Search for Truth about Conflicts in the Territory of Former Yugoslavia as Expert Witnesses in front of the ICTY, 493 Kb

A Zagreb Law school professor's analysis on the role of the ICTY expert witnesses, mostly historians, and their usefulness or uselessness in the legal procedure of the kind practiced at the ICTY. In Croatian and English
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 3685 time(s)

Ivo Lučić: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Terrorism, 209 Kb

Article on the terrorism-support activities in former Yugoslavia & its continuation, in altered forms, occuring in the contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 3000 time(s)

Steven Oluic: Radical Islam on Europe’s Frontier -Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2.7 Mb

A US Military Academy lecturer's study on successes and failures of the mujahedeen & Al Qaeda to establish their presence among the Bosnian Muslim community, especially during the Bosnia war and after 9/11 events. Originally at NSF,
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 13571 time(s)


A scholarly analysis of various stages of JNA aggression on the Republic of Croatia. German language summary added.
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 6177 time(s)

GREATER SERBIA: from Ideology to Aggression, 407 Kb

A compendium of basic texts defining the Greater Serbia ideology, from the 1st half of the 19th century to the end of the 20th. Originally at CIC,
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 3239 time(s)

Davor Domazet-Lošo: How Aggression Against Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina Was Prepared or the Transformation of the JNA into a Serbian Imperial Force, 517 Kb

A detailed analysis, replete with maps and figures, of the process that transformed Yugoslav People's Army into the force of Serbian expansionist aggression. Originally at NSF,
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 2928 time(s)

Ivo Lučić: What Does National Security Stand for in Bosnia and Herzegovina?, 42 Kb

A brief description of the B & H internal situation, as of 2000., with a reading list appended
Read more » | 09.12.2009. | Viewed 2360 time(s)
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