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Exclusive: Croatian counties are going for referendum to leave Federation B&H

Written 10.09.2011. 21:23

Counties with Croatian majorities will soon make a proposition of referendum law to county parliaments. That way, after Republika Srpska and Federation, counties will be able to make decisions based on direct democracy, decisions not susceptible to politicization and dismissal, as that politicization and dismissal is being conducted today by media assault on certain political parties.

One of first referendum decisions could be a decision to bring back into county jurisdiction education and judiciary, as it is originally written in Federation Constitution. Another decision could be one of disavowal of unconstitutional government in Sarajevo, a government which ignores the will of a constituent people (Croats); and finally, a decision for Croatian counties to leave the Federation.
Only such referendum decision is enough to cause a constitutional crisis in Federation and force undemocratically imposed oppressive coalition to negotiate about the new Constitution.
Referendum law exists on Republika Srpska level, and on Federation level. The same law on state level has never been accepted. It has been blocked by Bosniac-muslim political elites, which is contradictory by itself since Bosniac-muslim political elites are the ones who call themselves most often "civil, citizen Bosnia and Herzegovina" and "citizen model of decision-making".
According to the Constitution of the often called "Croatian-Bosniac" Federation, its building blocks are not nations, but it's federal units - counties (kantoni or županije in original).
Counties that will consider Federal government illegal and violently imposed, through means of referendum will temporarily leave Federation as a temporary measure untill the end of state crisis; and all jurisdiction that Federation has over counties will be transferred to state level, i.e. counties will respond only to state government until legal government is established in Federation.
On practical level it means that Sarajevo will not be able to take, for example, from Široki Brijeg about 120 million convertible marks and give back 5 million - it will stop exploitation of Croatian territories by "Country for Sarajevo" and third fiscal pillar might be created.
The question is how will IC respond to that move? It's easy to block Constitutional Court, to bypass a law, temporarily suspend Central Election Commission to enable Lijanović to pay a credit to an Austrian bank, but will the interests of Austrian banks be a reason enough to Valentin Inzko to deny a will of a nation, to deny a right to referendum, which is everywhere in the world a manifesto o democracy, remains to be seen.

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