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Kebo presenting evidence that Izetbegovic brought mujahideen to Bosnia

Mirsad Kebo, the vice-president of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, says he will soon present evidence that the former BiH Presidency chairman, Alija Izetbegovic, brought the mujahideen to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Covic: Brussels giving us one more chance to enter EU

The agreement is that the BiH Presidency is attempting to harmonize the text that was already made into a proposal and put to party leaders.
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Grabar-Kitarovic: I will support solutions proposed by Croats in BiH

"But for this strong internal reforms are necessary, and one of the essential conditions is that the Croat people finally become equal, constitutively and in any sense, on the entire territory of BiH,” the newly elected president of Croatia said in an exclusive interview for FTV this evening.
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Dodik: Aspiration of Croats to form a third entity in BiH is completely natural

"I think that it is a reality, and it is the true aspiration of the Croat people in BiH, which, because of the different political moment, is not enumerated,” said Dodik.
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Bosnian Patriots Blow Themselves Up While Taking Group Photo!

Bosnian patriots taking a selfie!
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VIDEO Bosnian Muslim Army soldiers play soccer with the head of a beheaded Christian prisoner (1993)

War crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Visit the largest forum of Croats in Bosnia-Herzegovina!

Visit our forum.
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Politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Parliamentary Assembly consists of two chambers: the House of Peoples and the House of Representatives
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