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Covic: Brussels giving us one more chance to enter EU

Written 19.01.2015. 14:03

The proposals that we had today will be incorporated into the text and with that conclude the first phase, said Dragan Covic, member of the BiH Presidency from the Croat people, after a meeting of leaders of political parties and members of the BiH Presidency with Philip Hammond, foreign minister of the United Kingdom, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, foreign minister of Germany, the Anadolu Agency reports.

Speaking of today’s meeting, Covic said that his impression is that all political party leaders want a European path for BiH.

"We had a pleasant enough conversation. We discussed the statement that the Presidency confirmed and I got the impression that the majority of us, all of us, want to support the European path to the end and that we recognized that this is one more chance that Brussels is giving us as an opportunity to enter the European Union, and that there are no privileges. This was a beginning, and when we come to the end, we must perform all the obligations," said Covic.

He said that after the first phase concludes, behind it will be made a "very dynamic plan on various issues."

Mladen Ivanic, chair of the BiH Presidency, after the meeting said that it was concluded that "clarification of the text will come."

"There will be clarification of the basic text. The Presidency is giving a principled stance that was acceptable to more or less everyone. Just to explain that there is nothing hidden behind the text, that there is no interference in the responsibilities. That was clear, that was in the text, now it just has to be more explicitly written, and that would be the case," said Ivanic.

Ministers Steinmeier and Hammond today visited BiH on the occasion of the initiative that their countries launched in November of last year, which has as its goal revival of BiH’s path to EU accession.

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