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Edis Zilic, Bosnian actor and a nazi: ethnic Croats should be banished from Bosniak territory

Hate speech documented by the Documentation Centre for recording of hate speech, Mostar.
Read more » | 30.03.2013. | Viewed 3978 time(s)

Implementation of the BiH Constitutional Court’s ruling on the electoral system for Mostar

Political Directors of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board met in Sarajevo on 12-13 December and discussed the challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012.
Read more » | 15.12.2011. | Viewed 10410 time(s)

Mostar airport targets Italian pilgrims

In Apr, Mostar handled 2.193 passengers thanks to charter flights from Italy and Lebanon.
Read more » | 20.09.2011. | Viewed 8551 time(s)

SDP, an autocratic muslim communist party

It is rather fascinating to observe the level of coverage of the post-electoral developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the West given that Western fingertips are all over the situation in the country.
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Croat Crisis Pushes Bosnia Towards Endgame

Nevertheless Bosnia’s political system has been incapable of representing Croat political preferences. The Croat member of the tripartite Bosnian Presidency, Zeljko Komsic, is a member of SDP, a party which purports to be multiethnic but in reality is overwhelmingly Bosniak.
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The first flight of B & H Airlines from Pescara to Mostar 17th September

The guiding idea of this project was primarily the strengthening of economic ties the two cities as well as the strengthening of religious tourism backed by the enormous potential throughout Italy.
Read more » | 14.09.2011. | Viewed 6303 time(s)