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The fall of Bosnia

Written 27.11.2009. 12:36
When Bosnia fell to the Ottomans in 1463, and the subsequent process of Islamisation that ensued, was a key historical turning point. Now a part of the Ottoman Empire, Bosnia still remained a border region as far as Croatian history was concerned. The communication between Croatian and Bosnian territories did not end in 1463. The Ottoman conquests and incursions into Croatian lands did make communication more difficult, but in more peaceful times flows of communication increased. The Croatian social development in Bosnia under the Turks was only possible through the influence and the discreet activities of the Franciscans. The "ahdnama" issued by the Sultan Mohammed II in 1463, allowed the Bosnian Franciscans a limited scope, but albeit important, within which to conduct their activities under the Ottoman rule.70 The ethno-cultural bridge linking Croats in Bosnia to their brethren in Croatia was thus not severed, even during the most difficult period of history.

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