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The Heretics

Written 27.11.2009. 12:22
Alongside the narrow definition of a Bosnian contained in the Cyrillic documents, in Latin sources from the 14th and 15th Century about medieval Bosnia, a more broad application of the Bosnian name is used. Firstly in Latin scripts about the heretic "Bosnian church". In a correspondence between Pope Grgur XI (?????) and a Bosnian Franciscan Bartholomeus, where the Pope is answering 23 questions on the Church's stance towards the scismatics and the heretics, the term "Bosnenses" (Bosnjani) is used in the fourth question. In the twentieth question, and the Pope's answer, the term "Bosnjanin" is used as a synonym for a heretic or a non-believer (Bosnensis vel infidelis). In the eighth question, that term is explained as referring to "Heretic people from Bosnia".60 The Bosnian name in Latin scripts about the "Bosnian church", thus has a clear meaning. "Bosnjani" in Franciscan documents from 1373 are the members of the "Bosnian church".61 The scope of that designation is evidently wider than the term "dobri Bosnjani" from Cyrillic documents, but even this broad designation did not refer to all inhabitants of Bosnia, regardless of their class or religious status.

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