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Laura Silber, Alan Little: Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation

Written 01.12.2009. 11:28
I suppose the reason why this book usually gets unbelievably good ratings is its simplicity: essentially, the title should read “Complete idiot’s guide to Western stereotypes on hows and whys of Yugoslavia’s collapse”. Virtually the only virtue of Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation (the title is deceptive- in non-US terminology, Yugoslavia was never a nation; only a country consisting of several nations) is that you’ll get acquainted (very stereotypically) with key players of the 1991-1995 war and be told a banality that the Greater Serbia ideology was the root cause of the rampage and bloodshed (other nuances aside). The authors are journalists (the book is based on a BBC series), and this is, I suppose, the best output media professionals with superficial knowledge of history, culture, national and ideological programs can come up with. So, for complete ignorants interested in ex-Yugoslavia wars, this is probably both the beginning and the end of the story. Others- forget it.

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