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Vladimir Dedijer: The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican

Written 01.12.2009. 11:30
This book is a kind of disappointment. I am having Dedijer, the author of a few worthy and intriguing history books on my mind- not this trashy propaganda consisting of chunks of unverified and sloppily pasted lists, black-and-white generalizations and dubious analyses based mainly on hearsay. Anyone who considers this baggy monster of pamphleteering anything but a sign of the author's mental and moral decrepitude, should have their head examined. Nay, the weakness lies elsewhere. For all his controversial (and exhibitionist) stance, Dedijer was not a proponent of Serbian "hysteriography" and chauvinist grandomania, culminating in the planned ex-Yu genocides. His masterwork, "War Diary", plus a few other biographical hilariously scandalous & entertaining rants (Tito, Djilas), ensure him the place of a publicist who will survive current disputes full of sound and fury. He'll survive even this slip into megaserbian hallucinatory inflation (Croatia proper had circa 650,000-700,000 Serb inhabitants in 1941- virtually the same percentage of Croatia’s population as in the first post-war census. Had genocide of such monstruous proportions as Dedijer claims really happened, this would certainly have left a vast and all-too-visible hole in the country’s demographics. No such thing, as other researchers have shown: ). Also-had this mythic martyrological numerology been at least partially true, there wouldn't have been Serbs left to start their irredentist/genocidal "spontaneous" rebellion during which they had temporarily carved out and seceded 1/4 of Croatia's territory. Yet, in this pamphlet Dedijer (unlike his brother, respected intelligence expert and professor Stevan Dedijer) allowed himself to be swept into the vortex of malign Serbian mythic consciousness (distorted self-image of a people victimized and humiliated by a legion of purported enemies, ranging from Croats and Vatican to Muslims and Tehran- which in turn led to hostility and aggression on almost all neighboring nations that constituted Communist Yugoslavia) that was intentionally nourished and intensified in the concentrated effort of vast majority of Serbian intelligentsia (if this is the proper word) to create Greater Serbia on the ruins of destroyed Yugoslavia. So, albeit this perverse pamphlet deserves less than one star, I'm giving it one and a half for the sake of author's whole opus.

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