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Bosnian Borders

Written 27.11.2009. 12:02
The growth of Bosnia (T. Macan - Povijest hrvatskog naroda) The original Bosnia, or "small land of Bosnia" (to horion Bosona) was for the first time mentioned in the middle of the 10th century in the work of Constantine Porfirogenet (De administrando imperzo), as a part of Duke Caslav\'s Serbia, but however, clearly separated from Serbia proper.46 The original Bosnia was spread across the highlands around the upper stream of the river Bosna. It was separated from the neighbouring regions by a mountain range towards rivers Vrbas, Neretva and Drina. In order to develop, Bosnia had to expand territorially from its core.

As Vjekoslav Klaic said, "from the very beginning, Bosnia stood between Croat and Serb peoples", which meant that it was always between two (Croat and Serb) dominating state and ethno-social centers in the South-Slav lands. During the medieval times, Bosnia expanded onto Croatian (mostly), as well as Serb lands (at times).

In order to explain the social complexity of medieval Bosnia, a historian must take note of both directions of Bosnia\'s expansion, and consequently, both the western and eastern influences on its development.

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